Biomagnetic Therapy

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy History

Dates back to the Chinese who are believed to be the first to practice magnet therapy since 3,000 BC. In the pursuit of health alternatives, mankind has experimented with many different types of therapies and remedies. Ín ancient Greece, Aristotle practice included magnets for healing puposes, and relieving pain. He was one of the first to document his findings in 111 BC.

What is Applied Biomagnetic Therapy?

The founder of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is Dr. Raymond B. Cadwell PhD, Ireland

Biomagnetic Therapy is a way of balancing the magnetic field of the body, the organs, the tissues as well as the bones, the muscles and all aspects of the body. Now we see it as the foundation of multi-dimension medicine. In so doing it is creating a biomagnetic resonance with the microbial populations in the body, both with regard to the size of the population of specific microbes but also with their pathology.

Having the Biomagnetic field balanced and healthy microbes is indeed a deep foundation to HEALTH AND WELLBEING for us.

Making friends with microbes

Making friends with microbes, the bacteria and the viruses that occupy or body. In Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, as in other complementry approaches to health and wellbeing, we all try to work in harmony with the body’s immune system and focus on strengthening the immune system to return us to health.

Who would benefit from a treatment with Biomagnetic Therapy?

For example:

Patients with chronic fatigue and digestive issues, colds and Flu, lack of energy, sleeping problems, pains and aches and more